OTTO is Thetaco’s owned brand. The predictions on future needs of the market have led the company to seek constantly new products to provide always the latest development in technology, design and certainty to the customers. With the extensive knowledge and years of experience we have the ability to choose the best quality products among others and we import and distribute them at the most competitive prices. Otto range includes a variety of categories such as refrigeration, washing and drying, cooking and baking, build in, heating, kitchen household etc. “Value for life” is the slogan of the brand and we are highly committed to it.  We choose top quality products that will accompany you for life. One of our top goals is to give the opportunity to people to have choices and select from a variety of quality products at affordable prices.

All Otto electrical appliances have modern design and top performance to meet the needs of even the most demanding people. See our range of ovens and cooking hobs that will meet all your needs. Our Multifunction ovens have electronic controls and various programs as well as a defrost program in order to choose what you prefer based on your recipe. Now you can have delicious meals simply, easily exactly as you like it! Combined with the Otto Touchscreen ceramic plates, you can integrate your kitchen with products that will make your life easier. You don’t have to worry about children’s safety as our hobs have a child safety lock to prevent unpleasant accidents. They also have overheated safety and auto shut-off to ensure that even if you forget, you and your property are not in danger. Otto cookers offer you the fastest results for large and small cookware! But if you prefer the traditional way of cooking, the one with fire, our range in gas plates will amaze you! Enjoy the time you spend for cooking and save your time! With our gas plates you can start right away without waiting for the warmth of the eye! A great advantage is that you can be more relaxed while you are cooking because small children are not easy to touch and switch on the fire because of their great curiosity since the buttons are placed on the side and not on the front of the device. And if you have been looking for a lighter or match every time you wanted to cook, now you can forget them. The automatic lighter is always ready. Simple and easy!

Concerning refrigeration, we have a huge range of different types of refrigerators and freezers to make sure you will find the ideal one for you. Refrigerators with one or two doors, self-cleaning, air-cooled, cabinets with drawers, mini bars and more. We invite you to see them and find what you are looking for! Choose according to your space the dimensions of the refrigerator that suits best, with modern or simple design, with electronic controls or not, here you will find what you are asking!

Integrate your kitchen with Otto washing machines and dishwashers at the color you prefer (white or silver). Select a washing machine according to the capacity and functions you want to have. Do you have many washes daily? There is a way to reduce them and save time, effort and money – Choose a washing machine with big capacity. It is completely sure that no matter what you will choose your life will be easier by using the electronic controls and the convenient washing programs. As for our dishwashers, now you can also have their mini version, ideal for kitchens where the space is limited. So for you who needs help in the kitchen, your time is precious and you cannot respond to all that you have to do, now you can find the help you need and reduce your time with our mini dishwashers! Suitable for washing 6 sets.

In addition to big kitchen appliances, Otto’s range offers you solutions for small and everyday kitchen tasks. Small appliances which are essential for every modern household. Make by yourself the perfect frappe like the one you buy from your favorite coffee shop with Otto frappe makers, in white and silver color. Make delicious, fragrant food with the Otto convection oven, which is ideal for warming and cooking, with air circulation, adjustable temperature setting, timer, a set of accessories and more. Warm up in the winter – cool in the summer. A huge range of heating systems awaits you to explore. Whether you choose between gas stoves or kerosene stoves, it is certain that you will enjoy the winter in the warmth of your home or office thanks to our products. If you prefer something more modern, there is the range of Otto electric heaters that will give you the warmth you need without excessive power consumption. Find microwaves, extractor hoods, mini refrigerators, water dispensers and many other products of excellent quality to make your life and the life of your family simpler, easier and more enjoyable!