Balay is part of the German colossus BSH (Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH) and is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical appliances in the world.

Balay was founded in 1947 in Saragossa at Spain. Since 1965 it has been manufacturing washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, electronic ovens and other home appliances. The 70’s were very important for Balay since it became the first company in the world that designed a groundbreaking electric cooker that separated the oven from the plates. The experiment was so successful that today is the main way of designing the kitchen. Balay currently has 8 factories. It is distinguished by its great dedication to the production and distribution of top quality products and unrestricted respect for environmental protection. Its sensitivity to environmental protection is manifested both at the production stage and in the features of its products, distinguished by saving energy, water, detergents, the low level of noise and the recyclability of the materials it uses. Today, Balay is one of Europe’s largest home appliance manufacturers, breaking the barrier of 10,000,000 washing machines produced in Saragossa, while Balay ovens have won one of the most important design competitions in the world the IF Product Design.

Balay’s innovative built-in appliances combine design, aesthetics and functionality to satisfy all customers’ needs and style of your kitchen to the fullest. With attention being paid to the smallest detail, everything had been designed for improved appearance, prolonged life and harmony in design. Mediterranean cuisine is a pattern of good nutrition and more people around the world adapt their eating habits to its demands. Balay has won the international recognition that is the specialist in the manufacture of suitable appliances that can give the ideal result of Mediterranean cuisine. Many years of research and development of kitchen appliances that specifically aimed at the promotion of Mediterranean cuisine have rightly given to Balay the recognition of the expert. The basis of Balay’s success with Mediterranean cuisine is the perfect heat distribution system inside the oven. It uses traditional systems such as the “fireplace” function and modern ones such as 3D hot air distribution. Fish, seafood, vegetables, meat and olive oil are an essential part of our Mediterranean diet. Balay ovens can help you cook any dish, because they have the right cooking system and the appropriate way of distributing heat for any recipe.

Balay extractor hoods combine advanced technology for consistent and powerful absorbency and unrivaled elegance that transforms them into a decorative element that fits into every type of kitchen. Modern designs, modern shapes and sizes for every taste and need. Absorbency up to 850 km / h depending on the model. A kitchen of 3x5x2,8 that is  42m needs an extractor the absorbency of which ranges from 250-500 km / h, depending on the type and intensity of the odors we create in cooking. Today the kitchen is the place where the family spends most of the hours, so Balay has taken care of making your stay there more comfortable and enjoyable as it reduces the noise to amazing levels. Often when the external hood is turned off unwanted smells come in the home from the external hood‘s tubes.  Balay’s external hoods were from the first in the market that have a flow valve that prevents external odors from entering the house.

We invite you to see the wide range of our dishwashers, washing and drying machines. Washing can now be done easily with the right programs and the best results. You can choose the washing machine that suits to your needs: what capacity do you prefer? Do you have a lot of expenses? Our washing machines with drying function have the best energy efficiency, steam operation and finest design thanks to the chrome door with built-in handle and 180º opening and large LED display. Also our washing machines have a wide variety of programs and functions that will make your life more comfortable. Do you need something even simpler? Balay’s basic washing range focuses on simplicity without losing its great performance and efficiency. Do you prefer a washing machine that is free or fully integrated? Our fully integrated washing machines are not seen, but their great results do!!! With practical screens, delay time up to 24 hours – you can set the washing machine to finish as soon as you get home! And something amazing! With our washing machine range with drying function you can wash, rotate and dry up to 4 kg without interruption. If you need your clothes as soon as possible or if you are many at home, they are are perfect for you!